5 Life Insurance Tips: How to Get the Best Life Insurance Quote

A woman smiles as she reads tips on how to get the best life insurance quote from SelectQuote

There is no shortage of options when it comes to life insurance, and an easy way to sort through it all is by getting a life insurance quote through SelectQuote. For over 35 years, we’ve helped families find the right life insurance coverage for their needs at the right price. 

Not only can we provide unbiased life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted carriers in the nation, but we’ll also answer any questions you have, match you with the life insurance company for your lifestyle or health condition, and find opportunities to try and save you money. Here are five tips that can help you get the best life insurance quote for you.

Life Insurance Tip #1: Understand Why You Need Life Insurance

If anyone depends on your income or financial support, or might be responsible for any debts following your passing, then you should at least be considering life insurance. In the case of your death—and the loss of your income—a life insurance policy means your family is financially protected.

The funds received from a death benefit payout can help with daily expenses, paying off the mortgage or other debts, paying for college, planning for retirement and more.  Securing a life insurance policy can help provide you financial security and peace of mind to you:

  • If you have dependents
  • If you have loans or outstanding debts
  • If you have a mortgage
  • If you have a spouse

Life Insurance Tip #2: Take Advantage of Free Life Insurance Quotes

Shopping around is important when it comes to finding a life insurance policy and the easiest way to do this is by getting a free life insurance quote from SelectQuote. In the time it takes you to gather quotes and coverage from just one insurance company, we can provide multiple unbiased life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted carriers in the U.S. to find the right price for you. 

Life Insurance Tip #3: Discuss Types of Life Insurance Policies

As you start the process of finding a life insurance policy, you’ll have to determine what type of policy is right for you and your situation. Both have advantages and considerations, and SelectQuote can help you understand the difference between the two. 

Term life insurance is one of the most common and affordable types of life insurance. With term insurance, you have the option to choose your policy length and only buy it for as long as you need it, with the lengths typically being 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years.

Whole life insurance is a common type of permanent life insurance that provides lifetime coverage as long as the premiums are paid. Whole life insurance also includes a savings component known as the cash value, which policyholders are typically able to borrow funds from to help support additional financial needs.

Life Insurance Tip #4: Compare Life Insurance Rates 

From the type of policy and the amount of coverage to your age, gender, health and lifestyle, there are various components that go into determining life insurance rates. The best way to shop for life insurance is to compare rates and coverage from multiple carriers to find the right policy at the right price for you. 

Life Insurance Tip #5: Let SelectQuote Find Life Insurance Quotes For You

Life insurance isn’t a one plan fits all. At SelectQuote, we simplify the process for buying life insurance and we can instantly find and compare your personalized options to provide free life insurance quotes from highly rated insurers that match your needs and budget.

We do the shopping. You do the saving.