How SelectQuote Can Help You After Purchasing Life Insurance

A busy mom holds her sleeping baby while she adjusts her life insurance coverage thanks to the help of SelectQuote

As life changes, so should your life insurance coverage. And if you’ve been wondering if you have the best life insurance policy for your needs or you’re just curious what your options might be, SelectQuote is a great way to learn if you’re eligible for more coverage or a lower rate. In just minutes, we can compare all of the available life insurance options from the trusted carriers we work with on your behalf. 

Many customers ask, “how much life insurance do I need?” or “How do I know which life insurance policy is right for my family?” and at SelectQuote, we can help you answer those questions. Our team of licensed insurance agents have helped millions of families find the right coverage for them and they can help you, too. Learn more about who SelectQuote is, how we can help you, and why it’s beneficial working with us when shopping for life insurance coverage.

Who is SelectQuote?

SelectQuote is America’s #1 term life insurance sales agency and is trusted by millions of customers and families looking for affordable coverage. We work with some of the nation’s most trusted life insurance companies, but have no vested interest in one partner over the other; we work on your behalf. So if you’re wondering why it’s beneficial to go through an insurance brokerage like SelectQuote vs. directly through an insurance company, here are some advantages to consider: 

  • We work for you – An insurance brokerage works on behalf of you, the customer, to compare all of your available options vs. those only provided by one life insurance carrier
  • The power of choice – At SelectQuote, we are able to provide you with the power of choice; this way you’re choosing between a variety of coverage options from multiple insurance carriers at varying rates to truly find what’s right for your needs
  • Save time – In the time it takes you to collect rates and coverage from one or two carriers, we’re able to compare options from 20+ carriers 
  • Save money – In addition to saving time, we’re able to compare the varying rates from some of the most trusted carriers in the nation to see which works best with your budget
  • Industry knowledge – SelectQuote has been working in the life insurance industry for more than 35 years and has the experience and resources to answer any questions you have and support you in finding coverage that is right for you 

Benefits of Working with SelectQuote, Even After Buying Life Insurance

SelectQuote’s commitment to delivering ongoing service doesn’t end with the sale. We are dedicated to continually finding you the best available coverage and lower rates as your needs change. Competition causes companies to refine and improve their life insurance products, coverage and premiums on a regular basis, making it beneficial to review your life insurance coverage on a regular basis. 

Whether you’ve purchased life insurance before or not, we can help you compare your existing coverage to the additional options available to you to ensure your family and loved ones are protected financially. 

How do I know if I should change my current life insurance plan?

If your needs have changed (maybe you recently got married or bought a house) or it has been a significant amount of time since you purchased your current life insurance policy, there’s a good chance that there are new life insurance policies available to you that may offer more coverage or a lower rate. We can take a look at your existing life insurance policy and compare it to other available policies in just minutes to ensure you still have the right coverage for your needs. 

However, here are a few factors to remember about life insurance: 

  • Time is on your side – You can often save on monthly premiums by purchasing when you’re younger and in better health, so continuously comparing your options can be extremely beneficial.
  • Take into account your finances – Maybe your income has changed dramatically or you’re suddenly responsible for additional ongoing costs. Be sure your current policy is enough to cover both. 
  • Keep your family in mind Perhaps you’ve welcomed a new child, are recently divorced, or just got married; as families change, make sure your insurance is adequate to support them if the worst were to happen.
  • Don’t forget new debts – Maybe you’ve purchased a new home or taken on a new loan. These may be good reasons to compare your options for life insurance coverage. 

Life insurance is to make sure that your loved ones are covered in the event of your passing. This typically looks like ten times your current income, but every situation is different. At SelectQuote, we can help ensure you have the life insurance policy that’s right for you. 

SelectQuote Can Help You Change or Adjust Your Life Insurance Policy

Whether you’re in need of more coverage, think you’re paying too much for your life insurance policy, or are unsure where to start, we can help. Trying to compare all of your options can be time consuming and overwhelming, but at SelectQuote, it’s our goal to simplify the process. In just minutes we can compare all of your available options for life insurance coverage to ensure you still have the right coverage with the right carrier at the right price for you.

We do the shopping. You do the saving.