New Year Means New Life Insurance Resolutions

A couple in the park get ready to work out for their new year's resolutions and lock in a lower life insurance rate

The start of a new year is a great time to reflect and create resolutions for the year ahead. As we settle into this new chapter and you’re thinking about your resolutions, an easy one to add to your list is to evaluate your life insurance needs. Purchasing a life insurance policy could simply be one of your goals for the new year, or if you already have a life insurance policy, take the time to make sure you still have the right coverage at the right price for you and your needs. 

Four Ways Life Insurance Fits Into Your New Year’s Resolutions

  1. How Fitness Goals Can Help Your Life Insurance Rates

    Whether you already have a life insurance policy or are looking into getting one, the life insurance medical exam is often the biggest cause for stress. Life insurance rates are strongly tied to your health, with the exam revealing health stats, conditions and habits. This can be a great motivation to get healthy—not only to improve your overall health and wellbeing, but to potentially decrease your life insurance premiums.

    How do you lower your life insurance premiums by making a lifestyle change? Once you establish healthy habits and see results—such as by losing weight or through quitting smoking—you can apply for the process of reconsideration for your policy. With reconsideration, you can retake the life insurance medical exam, which could put you in a better health class and lead to lower premiums.

    While looking at reconsideration, it’s also worth getting new quotes for life insurance. You could potentially find better rates with a different insurance company. SelectQuote compares quotes from several life insurance companies at once to help find the best rates available to you.

  2. Career goals? Don’t Rely Solely on Life Insurance Through Work

    While group life insurance through work is often affordable, it probably isn’t enough to cover your loved one’s needs. It’s important to remember you could also lose coverage if you leave or lose your job. Purchasing your own term life insurance policy in addition to your life insurance through work will give you flexibility in both price and coverage, as well as help you meet your coverage needs.

  3. Want to start your own business? Life insurance can help.

    Life insurance is not only important for protecting your family, but it’s also important to protect your business partners and employees. As a business owner, having income replacement and debt protection is even more important than it is for the normal life insurance applicant. When starting a business, you dedicate a lot of effort and money that you don’t want to put at risk. A life insurance policy will give you the necessary protection and peace of mind for your new business.

  4. Protect What Matters Most in 2021 with Life Insurance

    If you don’t have a life insurance policy yet, it’s probably been on your mind and to-do list for a while. Purchasing a life insurance policy can seem daunting, but it actually can be an easy goal to meet for the new year. Not only will it protect you, but it will protect your family and loved ones for years to come.

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions with Life Insurance

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