Life Insurance for Non-U.S. Citizens, Visa and Green Card Holders

Non-U.S. citizens may qualify for life insurance coverage

As a non-permanent U.S. resident, can you qualify for life insurance? There is a chance you could. Non-U.S. citizens, green card or visa holders have the same need for financial security as U.S. citizens do. With the correct documentation, non-U.S. citizens can secure financial security and peace of mind with a life insurance policy. Here’s what you need to know about life insurance for non-U.S. citizens, visa and green card holders.

Can a non-U.S. citizen buy life insurance?

You may qualify for a life insurance policy, but only if you have a green card or carrier-approved visa. Not all life insurance carriers provide the same opportunities for life insurance coverage for non-permanent residents, making it important to shop around. Life insurance carriers will determine whether or not they can offer you coverage based on your I.D. type, how long you’ve been in the U.S., and the country you are from.

Understanding Different Resident Classifications

There are three main categories that non-U.S. citizens fall into:

  • Permanent Residents: Green card holders are considered permanent residents and their life insurance applications will be treated the same as it would for U.S. citizens.
  • U.S. Residents: Visa holders and work permit holders are considered U.S. residents. There may be additional obstacles during the life insurance application process compared to the process for permanent residents.
  • Non-U.S. Residents: These are residents who primarily live outside the U.S. compared to the amount of time they reside in the country. Non-U.S. residents can qualify for life insurance coverage as long as the applicant has valid and legal long-term interest in the U.S.

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Non-U.S. Residents

When you begin the life insurance application process as a non-U.S. resident, you’ll have to provide a copy of your green card or visa, as well as a W-8 or W-9 tax form. Other than this additional required documentation, the process will be very similar to the process for U.S. citizens, including a medical exam and underwriting process that will determine the cost of your premiums. 

SelectQuote Can Help Answer Your Life Insurance Questions

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