Life Insurance and Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A Buyer’s Guide

A woman with multiple sclerosis drives her motorized wheelchair in the park

If you’re one of the estimated one million Americans that’s recently received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or you’ve been living with MS, you may wonder if your condition prevents you from obtaining life insurance coverage. 

MS can be a severe degenerative autoimmune disease that impacts the spinal cord (central nervous system) and brain. While care and prescriptions exist to help improve and extend one’s quality of life—and research for a cure continues—MS typically causes serious health complications and shortens the lifespan of those affected by it. MS typically appears between the ages of 20 and 50, and women generally are affected more than men. 

Individuals with MS, or their caretakers want to take care of their families and may realize that purchasing life insurance is a great way to accomplish this goal. While MS can often pose more financial challenges for those seeking life insurance coverage, it is still possible to find a substantial amount of coverage following an MS diagnosis. The sooner you can apply, however, the better. Learn more about MS and how the condition can impact life insurance coverage and premiums.

Can I get life insurance if I have MS?

Yes, you can typically find life insurance if you have Multiple Sclerosis. Life insurance companies base their premiums and coverage amount on risk and statistical data, which may lead to higher rates and lower total coverage, but you should be able to find coverage nonetheless. 

As you may already know, MS exists on a continuum or scale. It can progress rapidly or it may take years for the debilitating effects to take hold. Either way, those suffering from MS have to take extra steps to slow down the effects of the disease. 

At SelectQuote, it is our goal to find you the right insurance coverage for you regardless of your health or qualifications. We work with some of the most trusted insurance carriers in the nation and will take the time to determine what kind of life insurance is right for your needs. There are even options for coverage without a medical exam that might play in favor for those with existing health concerns. Let’s explore some of your options for life insurance coverage with MS.

Life Insurance Options for People with Multiple Sclerosis

There are two standard life insurance options for those with Multiple Sclerosis: whole life insurance coverage and term life insurance.

Term Life Insurance for Those with MS

Term life insurance coverage is often the most popular type of life insurance as it tends to be affordable due to its term limits. This type of life insurance policy is generally written for 10-30 years.

Term life insurance could potentially be a strong option for applicants with MS as premiums are typically more affordable than that of a whole life insurance policy. We work with a number of trusted insurance carriers who can provide favorable rates to those with health concerns and we can compare all of your available options in just minutes. 

Whole Life Insurance for Those with MS

While coverage is guaranteed and includes a cash value component, whole life insurance is likely going to be a more expensive option for coverage vs. term life insurance. 

While often more expensive, a whole life insurance policy provides coverage for the span of the insured’s life as long as premiums are paid. It also maintains a cash value that can often be available prior to the end of the policy.

Life Insurance Underwriting for Multiple Sclerosis

With any kind of traditional life insurance, there is an underwriting process where a number of factors are taken into consideration, including the length of your policy, coverage amount and your age, gender, health and lifestyle at time of purchase.

Applying for life insurance with MS will still include a medical exam, which will include documenting your diagnosis date and any details about symptoms and treatments to ensure the life insurance company understands your situation and level of risk. Insurance companies use your level of risk to determine your available coverage and rate, and while it can seem intimidating, it’s important to remain as honest and detailed as possible. 

There are many life insurance companies who do their best to evaluate every detail of the above factors when considering your situation to provide you with quality coverage at a rate you can afford. We will be able to look at all of your options to ensure you have the right coverage with the right carrier at the right price for you.

Find the Right Life Insurance For You with SelectQuote’s Help

At SelectQuote, we’ll take the time to get to know the breadth of your situation, answer any questions you may have, and advocate on your behalf to ensure you find the right life insurance coverage for you. In just minutes, we can compare your options from some of the most trusted life insurance carriers in the nation. 

It can be overwhelming to shop for life insurance coverage with a diagnosis like MS, but we will ensure you are comfortable and know all of your options every step of the way. Get started on your free life insurance quote today.


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