What is burial insurance?

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Burial insurance—also known as final expense insurance—is an affordable way to make sure your funeral costs, credit card debt and other expenses don’t fall on your loved ones after you’re gone. While the cost of your funeral might not be something you’re currently thinking about, being prepared can make all the difference when the time comes. 

Similar to traditional life insurance, you pay regular premiums for a set amount of final expense coverage, which is then paid to your beneficiary when you die. The payout can be used to pay funeral costs, medical fees or other unpaid bills. 

One of the main differences between final expense insurance and traditional life insurance is that burial insurance does not require a medical exam, making it an appealing option for seniors or individuals with health complications. 

How to Choose Final Expense Insurance Coverage

When deciding how much insurance or what kind of burial insurance you need, it’s important to consider the amount of financial security you are looking to provide your loved ones. Considering funeral costs or potential household expenses can help determine the amount of final expense coverage you might need. Final expense coverage can typically range anywhere from $1,000-$40,000 and can be a great option if you’re looking to cover end-of-life costs. There are three main types of final expense insurance:

  1. Simplified Issue Whole Life Insurance: Simplified issue whole life insurance, as the name implies, has a simpler process for purchasing coverage. Although coverage is not guaranteed, approval is based on a questionnaire about your health and lifestyle instead of an exam. 
  2. Guaranteed Issue Whole Life Insurance: Guaranteed issue whole life insurance has guaranteed approval for individuals between the ages of 45-85. There is no medical exam required, only a basic application has to be completed. 
  3. Critical Illness Life Insurance: Much like simplified issue and guaranteed issue, there’s no medical exam required for critical illness life insurance and you can expect lifetime coverage. This type of insurance helps protect you if you become critically ill during the policy term and pays out a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis.

Finding the Most Affordable Burial Insurance Policy

The cost of final expense insurance depends on the amount of coverage you need as well as the answers you provide in your questionnaire and/or application. An advantage of final expense, unlike other types of insurance, is that your premium should never increase and your coverage should never decrease. 

SelectQuote Can Help You Find the Best Final Expense Coverage for You

Final expense insurance can be a sure and affordable way to give you and your family peace of mind. If you’re interested in exploring your insurance options, SelectQuote can provide you with coverage options and quotes for burial insurance in just minutes.

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