How to Get Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

A woman learns that she has high blood pressure and is anxious to learn how SelectQuote can help her get life insurance

Finding life insurance with a medical condition like high blood pressure can seem intimidating, or even impossible, but it can often be easier and more affordable than you might think. Many of the trusted life insurance companies we work with take into account your overall health—not just your high blood pressure—when determining your life insurance rates, so with proper diet and medication, the right carrier can provide you with the right coverage for you. 

How does high blood pressure impact my life insurance rates?

While it’s common to assume life insurance rates for individuals with high blood pressure are sky high, many life insurance carriers will offer more affordable rates for individuals who are controlling their blood pressure with treatment. During the life insurance medical exam, you’ll likely be asked what blood pressure medication(s) you’re taking and how you’re managing your condition. Treating/managing high blood pressure can look like eating a balanced diet, cutting back on caffeine and alcohol, eliminating smoking, working out regularly, and reducing stress. All of this will give the life insurance underwriter an idea of how you’re handling your high blood pressure and better determine your life insurance rates. 

How do I lower my blood pressure?

You should consult with your doctor when deciding the best treatment plan for your high blood pressure. Some individuals diagnosed with high blood pressure, however, can lower or maintain healthy numbers by making a few lifestyle changes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a few ways that might help improve your overall health and blood pressure are:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Cutting back on sugar, refined carbohydrates and sodium
  • Drinking less caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Eliminating smoking
  • Managing stress

SelectQuote Can Help Those with High Blood Pressure Find Life Insurance

At SelectQuote, we can help you navigate your options to find the right coverage for you even with high blood pressure. Our life insurance calculator can help you determine how much coverage might be right for you. Then, in just minutes, we can find life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted insurance companies in the nation on your behalf.

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