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People are often hesitant to shop for life insurance because of anxiety over the medical exam, but SelectQuote can help you feel prepared and know what to expect.

Life Insurance Medical Exam: What to Expect

When you formally apply for life insurance, many potential insurers require a medical exam at no cost to you. It’s a quick, simple process that usually takes less than an hour and it can be conducted in your home, at work or at an exam center—whatever is most convenient.

The exam results, along with your life insurance application and required financial information, will be used by each life insurance company to confirm the final rate they can offer you. It’s all done through a review known as the underwriting process.

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Medical Exam

While the life insurance medical exam is a simple process, there are some easy ways to prepare for a positive outcome. It’s helpful to schedule your exam in the morning, as you’ll want to avoid drinking coffee and smoking beforehand to help keep your blood pressure low. You’ll also want to avoid salts and fatty foods leading up to the physical exam.

Additionally, drinking lots of water and getting a good night’s sleep will not only help your blood pressure and pulse, but it will also help you feel more confident heading into your life insurance medical exam.

Common Life Insurance Medical Exam Questions

Why do I need to take a medical exam to buy a life insurance policy?

The medical exam is part of the life insurance underwriting process, which determines the premiums for your insurance policy. The results from the medical exam help determine the risk your health poses to the insurance company. The medical exam allows the underwriter to cross reference the details on your health questionnaire and confirm the final price for the selected amount of insurance coverage.

What happens during the medical exam?

There are two parts to the medical exam:

  1. Medical Questionnaire:
    The medical questionnaire will ask basic questions regarding your medical history, health and lifestyle habits.
  2. Physical Exam:
    The physical exam is a simple checkup, similar to what you’d receive at a doctor’s office (weight, height, blood draw, heart monitoring, etc.). The exam is used to confirm your answers on the medical questionnaire.

Will my life insurance rates be impacted by my life insurance medical exam?

Along with your application and required financial information, the life insurance health exam results will be used by each life insurance company to confirm the final rate they can offer you. Some factors may result in higher premiums, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, hypoglycemia, chronic illness, nicotine use or recreational drug use.

Looking for no medical exam life insurance?

Whether you just aren’t interested in taking the medical exam, are in a hurry to get covered or are concerned about your current health, there are no medical exam life insurance options. At SelectQuote, we can help you learn more about these options for coverage to see if they are the right fit for you and your situation.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance

Simplified issue life insurance replaces the life insurance medical exam with a health-related questionnaire. This is typically a good option if you’re between ages 45 and 85 and are looking for a policy up to $40,000.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance has no medical exam required, no health questions and you can’t be turned down for coverage if you’re between the age of 45-85.

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