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Life Insurance Quotes Online

Comparing life insurance quotes with SelectQuote is as easy as two steps: completing the free online quote form and reviewing your options with one of our licensed insurance agents. We’ll take the time to help you find the life insurance policy that best fits both your needs and budget and it’s easy, convenient and takes less than 15 minutes.

Life insurance isn’t one plan fits all and neither should be the shopping process. We’ll simplify it, and compare life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted insurance companies in just minutes. And you never pay more for working with us—our service is free to you.

SelectQuote Is Dedicated To:

Making sure you know all your options before deciding on a policy

Finding the best price for the coverage you need based on your unique needs

Matching you with the best carrier for your situation

Two Easy Steps to Getting a Life Insurance Quote

Before you take the first step to compare online life insurance quotes, make sure you’re considering how much life insurance you’d need and who might be dependent upon it. Additionally, think about what they would need this year, but what they might also need in the future to pay for things such as household maintenance and education. Then, it can be as easy as following these steps to get started.

1. Complete Free Online Life Insurance Quote Form

To get started with a free online life insurance quote, simply click one of the “get a free quote” buttons throughout the site. Keep in mind that you’ll receive the most accurate quote by providing the most up-to-date information.

The online quote form will ask you a variety of questions to give you the most accurate life insurance quote. In addition to your contact information, you might also be asked to provide some of the following:

  • Gender, age, height, etc.
  • Amount of coverage you’re interested in
  • Any previous coverage you had
  • Health and medical-related information
  • Family history

2. Receive Your Free Life Insurance Quote

After you complete the form, we’ll compare life insurance quotes from the trusted carriers we represent. You have the opportunity to then choose which policy is best for you and complete the initial application with the help of one of our licensed insurance agents.

Why You Should Let SelectQuote Compare Life Insurance Quotes Online

At SelectQuote, our process is all about you. We’ll take the time to get to know your situation and compare life insurance quotes from some of the most trusted companies in just minutes. Working with us to find life insurance quotes is quick, easy and convenient. And you never pay more for our service—it’s free.

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SelectQuote has the best customer service! [Our agent] actually made purchasing life insurance enjoyable. He was not a high pressure salesman and does a great job answering all your questions and matching you up with the best insurance company to get the best rates. We checked with some of the other insurance service companies and would not recommend anyone but SelectQuote. Give them a try and you will see for yourself.

The insurance rate was also the least expensive and offered features that allow me to adjust coverage during the policy term. SelectQuote earned all 5 stars. I would recommend SelectQuote. If you’re shopping for insurance, you need to include them in your search as they will help save you time and money.

– Mike & Dawn

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